Kensington market Scavenger Hunt Resources

Kensington Market Scavenger Hunt

NOTE: This is not a guided tour. It is an Independent Scavenger Hunt to encourage self-learning. Students will work independently in groups of 4-6 to complete each activity, with one Walk-TO guide facilitating per class. Please try to bring one parent/volunteer supervisor per group.
DOWNLOAD: Kensington Info Pack
Required Day-Of Material: Printing and Preparation Teacher Instructions
Activity Sheets to print:
1) Scavenger Hunt
2) Kensington Market Scavenger Hunt Map
3) Budget Challenge Handout
4) Kensington Budget Map


“We had an amazing time on the walk. We learned a great deal and had a lot to talk about when we got back to school! Our guide was amazing! She was really patient, understanding and accommodating with my ESL students. The students said they actually were able to understand her fully and were very grateful that she was so friendly and patient. We also did the activity from the website, which definitely furthered the students understanding of everything we learned. “

–Sandy D, Family Studies and Geography Teacher, Greenwood S.S.

“The Green walk was fantastic! It had strong curriculum links for what we cover in class, i.e. ecological footprint and sustainability, as well as alternative land uses and urban planning.”

–Kim E, Head of Geography, Thornhill Secondary School