Media on the streets tour Resources

media on the streets tour

DOWNLOAD: Media Info Pack
Optional: Interactive Tour Map
Please bring a notepad and pen.

Required In-Class Preparation: Prepare students to be Street Reporters as follows:
1) Break them into groups of 3-4.
2) Ask them to imagine they are journalists reporting for a newspaper, magazine or online site of their (or your) choice.
2) Review the topic—The Robots are Coming!—by reading these two newspaper stories: Automated out of a job, and Will my daughter have to compete with a robots for a job? 3) Ask them to form THREE key questions that they can ask passers-by.

<link>Optional Reporting Assignment: Can be tailored to all grade levels


“The guides were knowledgeable, the content was engaging, and the activities were relevant. My students loved it! The tour was a great way for my students to learn more about the media industry while exploring various types of media found in an urban setting.”

–Pam H, Media Studies Teacher, F.E. Madill SS, Wingham, ON

“The Art Walk was amazing; my grade 6 students got to walk, climb, draw and photograph Toronto. I look forward to taking this field trip every year.”

–Andrea C, Grade 7 Teacher, Toronto District Catholic School Board