Revitalize This! Urban Geography Tour Resources

Revitalize This! Urban Geography Tour

DOWNLOAD: Revitalize This Info Pack
OPTIONAL: Interactive walking tour route map
Required Day-Of-Material: Activity Sheet (please print a copy for each student, or groups of students as you wish.) Please bring a pen/pencil and something solid to write on.


“The Green walk was fantastic! It had strong curriculum links for what we cover in class, i.e. ecological footprint and sustainability, as well as alternative land uses and urban planning.”

–Kim E, Head of Geography, Thornhill Secondary School

“The guides were knowledgeable, the content was engaging, and the activities were relevant. My students loved it! The tour was a great way for my students to learn more about the media industry while exploring various types of media found in an urban setting.”

–Pam H, Media Studies Teacher, F.E. Madill SS, Wingham, ON