Kensington Market Scavenger Hunt

Students explore the eclectic market with two scavenger hunts about diversity and financial literacy.


2 Hours



Group Size

up to 150


$12/student + HST


Tours offered in English & French

Tour Info

This two-part Scavenger Hunt explores key curriculum points on immigration, cultural diversity and financial literacy, and is especially aimed at Grades 6-8, but can work for higher or lower grades too. Students discover various primary sources in the market to complete our two-part tour. Part One is an Immigration Scavenger Hunt. Part Two is Budget Challenge, also in a Scavenger Hunt format, which asks “families” from two different income brackets to shop for the same meal.

NOTE: this is not a guided walk, but a Scavenger Hunt created by us and facilitated by our guide. To complete these two activities, students will work independently in groups of 4-6, with one guide per class. If you would like to bring additional supervisors or parent volunteers, they are free of charge.

Available in English & French.

Curriculum Connections

Social Studies:

· Cultural Diversity and Indigenous Peoples: Grades 4-8

· Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community: Grades 4-8

· Canada’s Communities Past and Present: Grades 4-6

· Canada’s Government and Citizenship: Grades 5-8


· Financial Literacy: Grades 4-8


· Oral Communication: Grades 4-8

· Reading and Viewing: Grades 4-8

· Writing: Grades 4-8

Critical Thinking:

· Inquiry and Problem Solving: Grades 4-8

How to Prepare your class, and what to bring on the day of the tour

When teachers book a tour for their class they will receive an information package that will:
-> outline any in-class preparation activities to be done prior to the tour
-> list materials & items that students should bring on the day of the tour


“Our students enjoyed all aspects of the walk, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the reporter-on-the-street activity. We were amazed how they took to it and the courage they demonstrated in approaching the public. The follow up assignments were excellent also. We had them complete the news article as individuals and the advertising assignment in their groups. The rubrics were also well thought out.”

–Alison D, Grade 8 Teacher, Bloordale MS, Etobicoke, ON

“The guides were knowledgeable, the content was engaging, and the activities were relevant. My students loved it! The tour was a great way for my students to learn more about the media industry while exploring various types of media found in an urban setting.”

–Pam H, Media Studies Teacher, F.E. Madill SS, Wingham, ON