Media on the Streets Tour

What makes messages so powerful? Students explore diverse forms of media and become reporters on the street to answer the question.


2 Hours



Group Size

up to 150


$15/student + HST


Tours offered in English & French

Tour Info

What makes some messages powerful? This two-hour walk from CBC’s headquarters to Queen Street looks at how stories are produced, asks students to become reporters and explores advertising on the street.

• Explore the meaning of mass media at the CBC headquarters
• Reporting: working for different media outlets, students will interview pedestrians to gather material for that day’s news
• Advertising: look at a busy billboard and decode its advertising. Who are they trying to reach? And are they succeeding?

Available in English & French.

**Starts at the CBC headquarters on Front and John streets. Ends on Queen Street, near Bell Media studios and steps away from Kensington Market. There are fast-food outlets galore, or students can bring a lunch and eat in the AGO’s Grange Park.

Curriculum Connections

Language – Media Literacy: students learn to identify and interpret different types of media, including print, visual, and digital media.

English – Oral Communication: students develop their oral communication skills through a variety of activities, such as storytelling, role-playing, and group presentations.

Social Studies – Citizenship and Identity: students explore citizenship and identity, including the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy.

Visual Arts – Media Arts: students explore the basic elements of media arts, including visual, sound, and animation.

Language – Media Literacy: students further develop their media literacy skills by analyzing media messages, evaluating sources, and creating media products.

English – Oral Communication: students further develop their oral communication skills through activities such as debates, speeches, and media presentations.

Social Studies – Citizenship and Identity: students explore the concepts of citizenship, identity, and diversity in Canada and the world.

Visual Arts – Media Arts: students explore media arts through a variety of media, including film, video, and digital media.

How to Prepare your class, and what to bring on the day of the tour

When teachers book a tour for their class they will receive an information package that will:
-> outline any in-class preparation activities to be done prior to the tour
-> list materials & items that students should bring on the day of the tour


“The Art Walk was amazing; my grade 6 students got to walk, climb, draw and photograph Toronto. I look forward to taking this field trip every year.”

–Andrea C, Grade 7 Teacher, Toronto District Catholic School Board

“The Green walk was fantastic! It had strong curriculum links for what we cover in class, i.e. ecological footprint and sustainability, as well as alternative land uses and urban planning.”

–Kim E, Head of Geography, Thornhill Secondary School