Waterfront and Wetlands Tour

Students wade into the debate over land use along the waterfront, explore a wetland and examine Ontario’s most creative street design.


2 Hours



Group Size

up to 150


$15/student + HST


Tours offered in English & French

Tour Info

Waterfront and Wetlands Tour explores the ever-changing waterfront, going back 100 years to see how people and natural events have shaped the shoreline and our city’s most important natural resource. We wade into the debate over land use along the waterfront, map out a wetland, examine Ontario’s most creative street design, and get flooded with a natural disaster.

• Students map out the biodiversity of an urban wetland
• Learn how human activity helped cause the flooding of Toronto Islands and discuss ways to prevent more natural disasters in the future
• Settlement patterns: we learn it’s no coincidence that Canada’s biggest city is next to a massive body of water
• Check out the unique road design that serves cars, pedestrians, cyclists and streetcars
• Discover how the lake’s cold temperature cools some of downtown’s tallest skyscrapers
• Answer the questions: Is Lake Ontario really that polluted? AND what will happen to the Lake as the climate warms?

Available in English & French.

**Ends at Ontario Square, close to fast food outlets and plenty of great waterfront picnic spots for packed lunches.

Curriculum Connections

Science & Technology:

· habitats and communities

· biodiversity

· properties and changes of materials

· conservation of energy and resources


· Natural resources

· landforms, climate, and economic systems

· global issues, and Canadian geography and citizenship

History & Social Studies:

· early societies, and the history and geography of Canada

Physical Education and Health

· physical activity, safety, and personal well-being

·  active living, healthy living, and fitness.

Biology & Environmental Science: biodiversity of urban wetlands and ways to prevent natural disasters

Physical Patterns in a Changing World: settlement patterns and land use along the waterfront

Patterns and Processes in Economic Geography and Sustainability and Resource Management: land use patterns & development along the waterfront

Climate Change (Environmental Science): effects of climate change on Lake Ontario

How To Prepare Your class, and what to bring on the day of the tour

When teachers book a tour for their class they will receive an information package that will:
-> outline any in-class preparation activities to be done prior to the tour
-> list materials & items that students should bring on the day of the tour


“Our students enjoyed all aspects of the walk, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the reporter-on-the-street activity. We were amazed how they took to it and the courage they demonstrated in approaching the public. The follow up assignments were excellent also. We had them complete the news article as individuals and the advertising assignment in their groups. The rubrics were also well thought out.”

–Alison D, Grade 8 Teacher, Bloordale MS, Etobicoke, ON

“We had an amazing time on the walk. We learned a great deal and had a lot to talk about when we got back to school! Our guide was amazing! She was really patient, understanding and accommodating with my ESL students. The students said they actually were able to understand her fully and were very grateful that she was so friendly and patient. We also did the activity from the website, which definitely furthered the students understanding of everything we learned. “

–Sandy D, Family Studies and Geography Teacher, Greenwood S.S.